Ministry Of Sound Drops File-Sharing Lawsuits (Because ISP Deleted All The Data)

Ouch. Ministry of Sound, the British record label that’s perhaps most famous for its annual compilation, conveniently titled The Annual, says it cannot move forward with planed lawsuits against alleged file-sharers. And why cannot it move forward? Because the primary ISP targeted, BT, has deleted 80 percent of the data that would have been necessary for the lawsuits to commence. Hence, ouch.

BT has apologized for deleting the data, and it has promised to do all that it can to assist Ministry of Sound in the future, but right now? Its hands are tied.

Well, more accurately, it has no hands to even be tied, so whatever.

I was always more if a Global Underground myself, but you pretty much cannot double-click while online and not run into a Ministry of Sound album.