Incase’s Origami Is Both Sleeve And Stand For iPad

Sure, there’s no shortage of iPad cases and stands, even things that do both, but what I’ve found is that because the iPad itself is such an anonymous-looking device, finding the perfect case for it is the best way to personalize the thing. I still haven’t decided on one for mine, but the Origami from Incase is looking pretty good.

It’s a sleeve, and then you pull the device out, make a few careful folds, and… presto, it’s a stand!

A couple grooves and a little clasp make it easy to do, and it looks reasonably stable, though i feel like it might fall off to the left or right. It’s an elegant little case, though. At $35 it’s not exactly a steal, but that’s not a bad price by any means.

Comes in stealth black and manly pink.