LG Claims New LCD Display Has World's Thinnest Bezel

Thank you, LG. This time, you mean it. All this time we’ve been slimming down the distance between the front and the back of the display, and meanwhile we’ve got these huge, thick bezels surrounding the screen. I know some feel that a bezel is necessary in psychovisual terms, to help with contrast and so on, but multi-monitor displays benefit hugely from thin bezels, and it looks like LG is leading the pack.

The bezel on this particular display, of which you see 9 above, is only 1.5mm on the sides and 2.5mm at the top and bottom. Yes please.

37″ is a great size for a home HDTV, but rather big for a desktop PC. Come on, LG, bring that technology down to the 20-24″ sizes! I’ll buy three!