Hitachi's G-Drive Slim Is A Slim Drive, G

See what I did there? Because there’s really not much else to it: it’s a slim external drive with a slim 2.5″ 320GB HDD in it. What more do you need to know?

Well, I guess I could tell you the price, and dimensions, and stuff like that. It’s only 0.39″ thick, which is impressive, but when your competitors are only tenths of an inch thicker, the benefits are rather insubstantial (except for bragging rights). Otherwise it’s about normal size, since 2.5″ drives don’t compress easily in other directions. If they did, they’d call them 1.8″ drives.

It costs $99.99, which is a bit steep — a quick search yields a Western Digital Elements 640GB drive (admittedly slightly beefier) for only $70 at Newegg. Oh wait, I see: they sell it at the Apple store as a complement to the new MacBook Air. I guess as long as you’re already spending a lot on a little, you may as well get one of these as well.

More info at Hitachi’s G-Technology sub-site.

[via Engadget]