GameStop Midnight Launches Herald Arrival Of Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft releases Kinect tomorrow, Nov. 4, 2011. As such, there will be more than a few midnight launches here and there, and Microsoft plans to throw a launch party of sorts at the Times Square Kids R Us. Fun for the whole family—at midnight!

So besides the Toys R Us fiesta, several GameStop stores around the U.S. will be hosting midnight launch events. Doors open at 10pm, then there will be a COUNTDOWN~! to midnight for people who pre-ordered Kinect.

Not all GameStop stores will be participating, so call your local store to confirm.

Then, on Nov. 6, 330 GameStop stores around the country will have a Kinect Day, where folks can play the likes of Dance Central (this is me having the time of my life) and Kinect Adventures.

Could be fun, I suppose.