KissInsights: Gather Customer Feedback Exactly When You Want It

Over the summer, we saw the launch of KissMetrics, a service that lets website owners optimize their sites using conversion tunnel tools that let you determine exactly where in your signup flows users are dropping off. But KissMetrics founder Neil Patel says that there’s one more piece to the puzzle: KissMetrics can track quantitative data, but it doesn’t do anything as far as qualitative data. That’s where KissInsights comes in.

The service has some similarities to GetSatisfaction and UserVoice in that it asks users to express their opinions about the site. But there are a few key differences: first, everything on KissInsights is private — Patel thinks it’s a bad idea to expose your customer feedback to competitors (GetSatisfaction doesn’t have a private setting; UserVoice will allow you to restrict the visibility of your feedback forums to customers, but it’s possible that your competitors will simply sign up for your service to get access).

The second key difference for KissInsights involves the way users actually leave their responses.   KissInsights is all about context — it allows site owners to display a popup prompt when a user hits a certain portion of a webpage. For example, if you’re tweaking your signup flow and are concerned that a certain section is confusing, you can display a popup survey just as users are working through that section of the site. You can also target these surveys at specific sets of users.

Installing the service is simple, requiring one snippet of Javascript on your site — from after adding it you can tweak your surveys from the KissInsights dashboard, without having to adjust your website’s source. Patel says that during the KissInsights beta period it’s seen strong engagement with users, with an overage of over 40 customer responses.

This is a standalone product from KissMetrics (in other words, if you want both the company’s products and you’ll need to pay for them separately). KissInsights offers a free package with basic functionality; the full service runs $30/month, with a discount if you sign up for a year at a time.