Black Friday Sales Kick Off Tomorrow On Amazon

We’re one month away from Thanksgiving, and therefore Black Friday, so prepare yourselves for all sorts of sales and deals. There’s probably no better time to look for games, movies, and various equipment. (I’m looking to add a discrete sound card to my PC, for example. Should I go with Asus or Creative?) Amazon’s festivities begin tomorrow, so you can expect all sorts of discounts on things like TVs, Blu-ray players, games, speakers, etc. You know: things you care about.

The pre-Black Friday sales begging tomorrow, October 29, on the usual Amazon Gold Box site. Each Friday from here till Black Friday will feature different deals built on four separate themes: Connect, Play, Watch, and Listen. Play being games, listening being audio-related tech, and so on.

It all kicks off at 3:01am ET tonight.

And I’m going to assume the other big online retailers (read: Newegg) will also have some stuff coming up, so we’ll keep an eye out.