Need More Choice When It Comes To PC Gaming Headsets? Look Sennheiser's Way.

Sennheiser has a few new gaming headsets that may interest you. Of course, they’re not up on their Web site yet, so give it a minute. You’ve got the PC 360 (“designed for pro gamers,” $299), the PC 163D (“a new dimension in 3D gaming at home,” $209), the PC 333D (“the new dimension in 3D tournament gaming,” $239), and the PC 330 G4ME (“a high-performance headset designed for your G4ME,” $169). I see 1337 speak is fashionable again. News to me.

Probably the most interesting of the lot is the PC 333D. Granted, this is based on merely reading the info off my display—I haven’t used any of these, mind you—but it seems promising.

Sennheiser worked with the M.T.W. clan to develop it. It’s got 7.1 Dolby Headphone tech, so that should make shooting fools in Medal of Honor or any of the 8 million Call of Duty games a little more, what, aural? “I can hear you, Opposing Force…”

The PC 330D also has a handy DJ swivel, so when you’re mixing Dennis Ferrer’s “Red Room,” you can push one cup to the side so you can make sure the beats are matched up.