Greenpeace: Nokia Is Tech's Greenest Company, Nintendo The Worst

Greenpeace‘s latest Guide to Greener Electronics shows that great progress in greenification has been made by some companies, but that other companies are still lagging behind. Philips and HP are applauded for their efforts, while Microsoft and Toshiba have been called out for either backtracking on their promises or misleading the public “about its commitments” to making green products.

Nokia is the greenest of them all, followed by Sony Ericsson and Philips. The worst three are Toshiba, Microsoft, and, in dead last, Nintendo, partially because of its lack of commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Its actual products aren’t too bad.)

Meanwhile, media darling Apple comes in 9th place, just above Dell and just below Sony. But, Sony and Apple will be one and the same anyway, so there.