Sony Cuts PSP Go's Price In The US And Japan

We can’t say we’re very surprised: Sony announced [JP] a substantial price cut for the PSP Go today, both in the USA and Japan. In the States, the handheld will officially cost $199 by the end of this month, according to Reuters. Amazon has it already listed for the new price, while Sony’s official Playstation website still shows a $249 price tag as of this writing.

In Japan, Sony has been selling the PSP Go for $335 so far and is now ready to push down the price to $211, effective as early as tomorrow. That’s right, the price will be slashed by a whopping $124 or 37% in this country. Sony didn’t say anything about possible price cuts in Europe and other markets.

The PSP Go was launched in the US on October 1 last year, followed by Japan one month later. Sony has been suffering from disappointing sales numbers since then, especially in Japan.