Just Kidding, only 9% Of iPad Owners Haven't Downloaded Apps

Some mildly shocking news broke the other day as a result of some Nielsen numbers stating that 32% of iPad owners had never downloaded any apps. While I found that number a little hard to swallow, it’s hard to argue with cold, hard facts — that is, unless they’re not facts.

Yeah, it turns out there was a little mix-up at Nielsen central and a column got the wrong label, or something like that anyway. They’ve set the story straight now; the figures have been “amended to reflect updates,” and the new numbers aren’t quite so surprising.

Yes, 91% of iPad owners have downloaded apps. I’m surprised it’s not higher, given how it practically dumps them on your lap. I think that, unlike some tablets, the strength of Apple’s iPad is in the apps and the modular functionality as much as it is in the form factor and responsive touchscreen. There’s no shame in that.

[via The Register]