Sharp Stops Manufacturing PCs, Will Focus On Tablets Instead

We can’t say we’re very surprised: Japanese business daily The Nikkei is reporting today that Sharp is to stop selling and producing computers from now on. The last time we reported on a Sharp computer was back in April last year, when the company introduced a netbook with an LCD trackpad (pictured). According to the report, big S will focus on the production of tablets instead.

On the tablet front, Sharp has started selling the NetWalker PC-T1 in Japan in May this year. More importantly, we were able to go hands-on with the company’s new Galapagos tablets during CEATEC 2010 recently. The two Android devices will go on sale in Japan in December.

What’s interesting to note is that Sharp actually stopped production of PCs at the end of last year – quietly, which is never a good sign. In their latest financial report [PDF], the words “computer” or “PC” don’t appear even once.