Return To The Flipside: The Flipside Wallet 2X

Back in September of 2009, I was sent a wallet to review. I’d been in the market for a wallet, and while this one wasn’t the color I would have chosen, it definitely ticked the geeky boxes for me as far as design, style, and usability.

Fast forward to October 2010 — I’m still carrying the Flipside 2 wallet, and while the hinges are a little looser and the cover is a bit more scratched, the orange color has worn me down and I don’t even notice it these days. Yet I get more comments on the wallet than any other gadget I use on a day-to-day basis. So imagine my delight when I checked my email this morning and there was a message from the guys at Flipside — they have a new Flipside wallet coming out, and they want yours truly to review it.

The revised Flipside 2X addresses a couple of issues I’ve discovered with the wallet since the review; one, it’s a bit on the small size, and two, the hinge is starting to not line up after a couple years of living in my pocket. The new version has a reinforced steel hinge, a redesigned money clip (good idea), a third place to put cards (there’s that space issue), and an external clip for holding business cards (also a good idea). The Flipside 2X is priced at the same $39.99 as the original , and yes, it’s still available in orange. Flipside will be sending me one in the near future to review, so I’ll let you know if the new version really is an improvement on the Flipside 2.