Videos: Cybernetic Human Robot HRP-4C Dancing

We know her as a pretty creepy cyber-model, a bridezilla, and a singer. And now cybernetic human robot HRP-4C, brain child of Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), has learned how to dance, too.

The humanoid was often criticized for just being able to move her upper body, but now it’s clear that AIST has improved HRP-4C dramatically in recent months. She actually does a pretty good job on stage, singing and dancing quite realistically at the same time.

For her performance at the Digital Content Expo 2010 (see the videos below), AIST has taken over the voice of Kaori Mochida, a famous Japanese pop star, which was altered by using VocalListener, the institute’s self-developed synthesizer software.

Here are the videos: