Swedish Chamelon DSLR Rig Looks Sexy As Hell

I’m a sucker for these setups. All the chrome, the bars, the rails, the pads, the cables — whenever I see my friend’s RED setup in full gear it always amazes me how he finds his way around the thing. The same applies to these gorgeous, but complicated-looking DSLR setups from Swedish Chameleon, made to minimize the size of the rig while maximizing functionality.

Our friend Wille pointed us in the direction of these guys, and he also notes that his site did an interview with the creator, which I’ve embedded below despite the fact that it’s in Swedish. You still get an idea of what’s going on, how it’s set up, and so on.

The fact is I’m pretty ignorant of the actual qualities these rigs need, but this looks like a hell of a nice one from what I’ve seen. Price is of course very high — the basic kit costs around $3500 (18995 Danish Krone is the quoted price at one e-tailer). I think once I bought it and set it up, I’d just take pictures of it all day instead of using it.

[thanks for the tip, Wille. See you in January.]