Walmart To Get The iPad This Friday

Wally World will soon stock [nearly] everyone’s favorite tablet computer. Starting this Friday, the entire iPad line will be on Walmart’s shelves for the Apple suggested retail price. This comes after Target started selling the tablet on October 3rd therefore making Walmart the forth brick & mortar retailer to sell the blockbuster device. While Walmart certain reaches different demographics than the other retailers of Apple, Best Buy, and Target, it might not be the best place to pick one up — or at least try it out.

Walmart typically doesn’t have consumer-friendly displays. The vast majority of CE electronics are displayed behind glass, out of the reach of people wanting to try the product. However, the giant retailer does have a very liberal return policy that often doesn’t include restocking fees. That’s something that the other three retailers can’t claim.

The iPad took a surprising long time to hit both Walmart and Target. These mass retailers might not be traditionally popular with the high-tech shopper, but both have shown they can hold their own in the amount of sales. Walmart took the number 2 spot for electronic sales after the collapse of Circuit City.

Now that the iPad is a cutural hit and widely understood by the general¬†populace, it makes sense to allow a retailer without salesmen to sell it. Besides, the iPad will likely be a massive selling item come Christmas time and extra retailers can’t hurt the cause.