Is The Nintendo 3DS Too Expensive?

That’s the question Japanese gamers have answered with an affirmative “no.” In a survey conducted by a Japanese gaming site, 19 percent of respondents believe that the price (around $305) is “too expensive.” So, one out of five people think Nintendo messed up. Nearly nobody—less than one percent—would consider the system “inexpensive.”

All told, some 80 percent of respondents characterized the system as being a degree of expensive, either “slightly” expensive, plain ol’ expensive, or the aforementioned “too” expensive.

Nintendo has defended the price along the lines of, “Look, it’s a 3D system where you don’t have to buy an additional pair of glasses. Trust us: it’ll be worth it.”

Nintendo hasn’t announced a price for Europe or North America, but I somehow don’t think a $300 portable system will fly over here. $250 max, or Nintendo’s looking at slow going for a while.