CEATEC 2010 Exhibition In Japan: Our Round-up

Earlier this week, CrunchGear was at CEATEC 2010, Asia’s biggest technology and electronics exhibition, which takes place yearly in Chiba (one hour away from Tokyo). All major Japanese electronics makers showcased their newest products (plus numerous prototypes) at the event, and we condensed 12 highlights from CEATEC into a long list after the jump.

Click through for videos and more information on each device you’re interested in.

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED Display

• Modular OLED Display
• Commercially available since last month
• $400,000 for a 155-inch display
From the post: “Buyers can order the display in any size they want.”

Hitachi LCD Projector

• Smallest and shortest-focus projector
• Combination with touchscreen whiteboard
• On sale in the US within this month
From the post: “It produces 80-inch images from a distance of just 56cm.”

Toshiba Naked-Eye 3D TVs

• World’s first glasses-less 3D TVs
• 2 sizes: 22 and 12 inches
• On sale in Japan in December
From the post: “Images can be viewed in 3D when users look at the screen in one of nine distinct viewing angles.”

Fujitsu Windows 7 Tablets

• 2 protoypes
• Will run Windows 7
• “Currently in development”
From the post: “The hardware looks quite nice in both cases.”

Sharp Android Phone IS03

• 3.5-inch LCD with iPhone 4 resolution
• Android 2.2
• Massive spec list
From the post: “My first impression was that much like Sharp’s Galapagos (Android-based) tablet, the UI was too sluggish.”

Fujitsu Social Bear Robots

• Robots shaped like teddy bears
• Hundreds of pre-programmed patterns of behavior
• Target groups: nursing homes, schools
From the post: “I was surprised how responsive the robots actually are.”

Toshiba Folio 100 Android Tablet

• 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen
• Android 2.2
• Europe-only device
From the post: “Big downer: Toshiba won’t let you access the Android market through this tablet.”

Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone

• Prototype phone
• 2 capacitive touchscreens
• Symbian OS, “Android theoretically possible”
From the post: “What’s cool is that you can actually separate contents on both screens, for example using Twitter on top and checking emails on the bottom.”

Olympus AR Walker

• Augmented reality headsets
• Showcased by mobile carrier NTT Docomo
• 3 working prototypes
From the post: “When you run, the AR Walker can show you how many calories you burnt, how fast you go or provide information about the route ahead.”

Panasonic Lumix Phone

• Cell phone with Lumix camera
• 13MP CMOS sensor
• Wi-Fi and DLNA support
From the post: “And both the design of the device and the way Panasonic presented it were disappointing.”

TDK Bendable And Transparent OLED Displays

• 2 passive matrix mini OLED panels
• Flexible type is just 0.3mm thin
• See-through type has a transmittance of about 50%
From the post: “What’s cool is that both prototypes are showcased as black-and-white and color models.”

Sharp Galapagos Android Tablets

• 5.5-inch and a 10.8-inch versions
• Sharp plans e-book service supporting the devices
• both models launch in Japan in December
From the post: “Turning pages or zooming (and then moving the screen around) was just a little too laggy for my taste.””