Soon: Disc-less PS3 Netflix Streaming


PS3 owners may no longer have to use a clunky disc in order to access Netflix‘s streaming service. Sony’s Jeff Rubenstein said on the PlayStation blog that a disc-less solution will released sometime this month, but that Sony hasn’t committed to a date.

There’s not much known beyond that. A new user interface is said to be in the works, but beyond that? Not much.

Will video quality improve, or will this merely be a simpler way of tapping into the same streams? Again, I could sit here and speculate all day, but that would be a waste of everyone’s time.

That said, I don’t particularly see any tangible benefit of switching over to a disc-less solution. Does the disc solution not work? Can you still watch Whatever on there, even if a disc is spinning in there? Is occasionally switching between the Netflix disc and, say, Call of Duty such a crushing blow?

You tell me. It just seems that without an improvement in video quality there’s not too, too much here to get excited about—the irony of having to use a disc to access a streaming service notwithstanding.