Logitech's Revue Product Page Goes Live, Preorder One Now For $299

Here it, ladies and gents. The Logitech Revue. The device’s minisite just went live ahead of the official unveiling at 3:00 PM EDT today and that’s fine by us. The site itself doesn’t talk all that much about Google TV — at least there isn’t anything here that wasn’t on the Google TV minisite — rather it’s devoted to Logitech’s Google TV offering, the Revue.

The box itself is listed as capable of outputing a 1080p@60fps signal, though we’ll see in person how smooth it actually is. The I/O ports are as expected with HDMI 1.3a in and out, along with 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two USB 2.0 ports, S/PDIF, 802.11b/g/n connectivity the Logitech Harmony IR blaster port, and even a built-in Logitech Unifying receiver that’s compatible with a number of current Logitech wireless mice and keyboards. The Revue even ships with a compact keyboard complete with integrated remote and touchpad, HDMI cable, and one IR mini blaster. All good stuff, but it’s the HD camera we’re excited about.

Just like we thought, video conferencing will play a part in the Google TV strategy and Logitech has a cam specifically for the Revue. The TV Cam looks like re-purposed webcam from Logitech’s PC offering but seems to be slightly larger. It’s designed to hang on the TV and record 720p video through Carl Zeiss glass. The service seems restricted to only those that have a Logtich Vid account, so don’t expect to talk to your Skype buddies right away — hopefully some sort of hack will open it up.

Of course Logitech would have keyboard and remotes solutions for the Google TV. The Revue ships with a small keyboard with an integrated touchpad and navigational buttons. However, the diNovo Mini keypad also got a re-badging and will be available for $129 under the product name Mini Controller.

We’re still dissecting everything on the site while we have teams at both the NYC and SanFran Logitech events. But if you already sold, all these products are up for pre-ordering right now with the Revue going for $300.