Call Of Duty: Black Ops Will Be In 3D (Provided You Have All Of The Equipment)

Call of Duty: Black Ops, the “other” first-person shooter this year (you can’t get around the fact that Medal of Honor has the most heat this time around), will be in full 3D when it’s released in November. Yeah, you’ll need to take out a second mortgage to be able to afford all the required equipment, but if you have the means!

The 3D mode will be available across the three main platform: Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. That makes Black Ops one of the few 3D Xbox 360 games available at all. (Sony has been far more bullish on the 3D front.)

You’ll need a 3DTV and the requisite glasses to shoot men in the face in 3D.

Joystiq played the game in 3D, and says that the 3D effect isn’t “overstated.” I think that’s been my problem with every single 3D game I’ve played in the past (at E3 and whatnot): I’m not seeing too much in the way in 3D. Like, wearing the glasses pretty much makes the gaming experience far too dark to be enjoyable (“I can’t see anything!”), and then there’s hardly any “3D” for your troubles.

An expensive toy, yes. Granted, we’re still in the early days of 3D technology, but if you expect to be blown away like you were when you first saw Super Mario 64, well, don’t expect to.