Origin PC's EON17 Gaming Laptop Could Probably Run Laps Around Your Desktop

Two Nvidia GTX 480Ms! That’s what Origin has stuffed into the EON17, the company’s latest razzle-dazzle gaming laptop. The specs are probably better than your desktop’s.

An Intel Core i7 980X. The aforementioned two (!) Nvidia GTX 480Ms. A 17.3-inch LED display, running at 1920×1080. Up to 24GB of memory and up to three hard drives.

It’s a bit of a beast, yes.

Of course, such performance, especially crushed into a laptop chassis, will cost you: the EON17 starts at $2,499.

But, let’s say you’ve fallen into a bit of money, or work in the City. Think of the PC games (or ports) out now or coming out in the next few months: F1 2010, Civilization V, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas

Safe to say the EON17 would eat those games for breakfast.