iStreamer: A Unique, Timeline-based App For Watching The Social Stream

iStreamer by AllOfMe is an iPad app that offers a realtime, timeline-based stream of data from social and RSS feeds as well as images and search keywords. Designed to make it actually kind of fun to browse your friends’ feeds, the app is fully touch-controlled and lets you get a birds’-eye – or worms’-eye – view of your streams.

The app costs $4 and is available today on the iTunes store. A lite version will follow that allows you to open only one feed at a time.

Why is this thing interesting? Well, it’s a unique and intuitive way of following, say, a search keyword over time or a Twitter conversation. Streams can often be overwhelming and this makes things just a little bit easier. I could even see this as sort of a nice on-desk electronic picture frame for the socially obsessed. Instead of snapshots of cute babies you took, however, you’ll see image after image – and Tweet after Tweet – pulled from your friends’ feeds, although, realistically, this is a prospect that for many is not unlike the thought of dental work without anesthesia.

Regardless, check out the video I shot with the founder Tal Yaniv in Jerusalem before launch.