Video: Peter Molyneux's Son Wants To Know Where Is Half-Life 3

This is Lucas Molyneux, famed game developer Peter Molyneux’s son. In this exciting video we see Molyneux The Younger ask Valve Software: “Where’s Half-Life 3?” Cheeky!

The beauty of this is that Peter Molyneux has a history of essentially being a jerk. He’s a heel, and his job is to get heat. That said, Molyneux backs up his antics by producing genuinely good games, from his Bullfrog days to the present. Does he have a tendency toward over-promising? Perhaps, but if you’re to tell me that the Fable games weren’t fun, well, then go play Team Slayer for the 800th time in a row.

As to the question, where is Half-Life 3: what’s wrong with asking? I mean, I’ll buy both games, Fable 3 and Half-Life 3 pretty much sight unseen so I’m not “taking sides” or anything, but I could have sworn that the point of episodic content post-Half-Life 2 was to lead to quicker releases.

Perhaps Gabe Newell should release a video asking: where’s Milo?