Video: Toshiba Showcases Glasses-Free 3D Display

If there’s one thing that can help 3D pave the way to the main stream in consumer electronics (apart from lower prices), then it’s naked-eye 3D screens. What’s the current situation? Nintendo’s 3DS will have one, Hitachi has shown one, and NEC has been working on it, too. Sharp prepares a model for e-readers and tablets and announced a glasses-free 3D smartphone for later this year.

But what about bigger displays? Back in April, we’ve shown you a naked-eye 70-inch 3D display from Japanese maker NewSight. But more importantly, it was Toshiba, which announced a glasses-free 21-inch 3D screen in the same month. In August, some Japanese media (and us) started reporting about rumors that Toshiba plans to turn that display into a TV and market it by year-end.

And now, thanks to our friends at DigInfoNews in Tokyo, we can show you a video of a Toshiba 3D display that doesn’t require 3D glasses in action. This doesn’t seem to be the same screen the company has been teasing though. For example, the touch functionality showcased in the clip hasn’t been confirmed by Toshiba before.

This apparently “new” screen offers a total of nine distinct viewing angles but requires images to be shot from nine directions to view them in 3D (just like the model that was officially announced, it’s based on integral imaging). Toshiba apparently wants to iron out some more kinks before thinking about using this display for TVs.

Here’s the video, which provides more details (in English):