The Goodbyn Lunch Box: You Know, For Kids

If you’re familiar with lunchbox technology, things haven’t changed much since Fred Flintstone put his brontosaurus sandwich into that stone lunchbox he used to carry to the quarry. I’ve given my son probably three or four lunchboxes so far and he’s broken every single one including the crazy metal Flash Gordon one and a great Family Guy Star Wars one. It’s getting frustrating.

That’s why the Goodbyn is cool. It has “easy to open ears” on top and a built-in bottle and you can keep all the foods in little compartments so nothing inter-mingles, an important consideration for some oppressive toddlers.

The Goodbyn lunchbox has five individually sealing compartments, but with just one lid to keep track of. It eliminates the need for extraneous packaging and ensures that your sandwich won’t taste like your banana and your chips won’t co-mingle with your cookies! It even comes with its very own reusable eight-ounce drink bottle. The lunchbox is easy for kids to carry, and is simple to open and close thanks to a finger-friendly pair of “ears.”

The box is available around the world, apparently, at select retailers. Cute stuff.