Acer to make two Android 2.2 tablets?

Here’s another iPad alternative..well two..maybe; Acer 7 and 10-inch tablets running the new verision of Android, Android 2.2. If announced, the devices are rumored to get flash support and sport ARM chipsets. It’s speculated that Acer is shopping around telecom providers to package with the devices, because clearly, they want to compete with the iPad. Expect 3G on this all-out media tablet, and look for a possible carrier subsidized data option.

Engadget got to play with the 7-inch at Computex – although it was marked Acer, reps later claimed, after bad review – that is was a Foxconn. Hopefully the device-to-be gains more refinement before the release, which looks to be near Q4 of this year.


[via Android Community]