$50 Android set-top box: impulse-buy web-connected TV? (update: it's not $50)

Among the many and sundry delights at Computex, this $50 set-top box running Android might have been easy to miss. Luckily, they blew up the well-known Android home screen to 1080p. So if you missed it, you should probably get your eyes checked. The hardware is still in prototype form, but it’s fully functional and the >700MHz ARM11 CPU handled 1080p content… barely. Using a plain clicker to control the UI doesn’t look like fun, though.

The exhibitor (Bonux, though the video is labeled Webia) explained that they’re going to be putting out a small touchpad controller, however, and enabling support for Bluetooth and 2.4GHz keyboards. You’ll be able to download apps, assuming you’ve got a net connection this thing can reach.

With Google TV on its way, though, I’m not sure I’d want to be in their shoes right now. Well, we’ll see.

More is explained in the video, so watchey watchey.

Update: Engadget took a look too, and they were informed that it will in fact be ~$120. Ah well.