Video: Bill Nye The Science Guy (!) explains why 3D movies can make you sick

There was a bit of controversy a few weeks ago when Samsung published a note warning people about the dangers of 3D movies. Pregnant women, the elderly, and a whole host of other people were told, in no uncertain terms, to limit their exposure to 3D movies, lest they become sick. What was never explained was why these people, or anyone else for that matter, could become sick when watching 3D movies. Thank God for Bill Nye (and his patrons at VSP, the eye care group). The famous scientist/greatest American ever, in this video, explains why certain people become unwell while watching 3D movies.

It turns out that up to 30 percent of the population suffers from something called “marginal binocular vision,” which basically means that your eyes don’t always work together as well as they normally ought to. If the eyes aren’t in complete coordination, then you’re not going to get the proper stereoscopic 3D effect when watching movies.

Fixes include taking the 3D glasses off for a moment, closing one eye and then the other briefly, or merely changing the angle at which you’re looking at the screen.

And now for “Smells Like Air Pressure.” I daresay I prefer the Bill Nye version to the original Nirvana version.

Is there anything like this on TV anymore? Kids today are missing out.