Sound ID 510 Bluetooth headset coming to AT&T in June

I’ve used a number of Bluetooth headsets, and I really tried to make myself comfortable while wearing them. None of them have been quite comfortable enough for me, and I feel like I’m missing out on sounds around me when the piece is sitting dormant in my ear. Perhaps the new Sound ID 510 headset, coupled with the EarPrint App, will solve my concerns.

The Sound ID 510 headset looks like a good headset in its own right. Supports pairing with two devices simultaneously, a respectable five hours of talk time, and “Environmental Mode to amplify surrounding sound while wearing the headset – allowing clear conversations “On” and “Off” the phone”, which I guess turns the unit into a giant external hearing aid. Sweet!

The Sound ID 510 works with Sound ID’s EarPrint app for the iPhone, though, which makes things a whole lot more interesting. Drag-and-drop sound “personalization” to select the sound mode that you think produces the best audio, plus a visual battery meter for your headset and a “Find Me” function to locate lost headsets. It’s about time these important features were added to the too-pedestrian Bluetooth headset!

The Sound ID 510 headset is coming to AT&T in early June for $129.99. The EarPrint app is free.

A full review of the headset and app are available over at Gear Diary. Sounds like a winner, to me.

Of course, even a useful Bluetooth device like this may not prevent you from being called a “Bluetool“. Use discretion.