New footage of LittleDog found: Run away! Run away!

So you just woke up. You had some cereal, some coffee. Hit the old elliptical and then took a shower and went to work. You fire up the old PC, get the TPS reports ready, and while the FTOPS are loading you visit CrunchGear. You play the video above. You realize that your entire world, one day very soon, will change. You discover that LittleDog is the robot that will kill and macerate you.

This new video shows LittleDog, a DARPA project, learning terrain and performing unusual moves like hops and stretches to span chasms. Because it doesn’t need a bagel and a latte to get up to speed in the morning, I suspect that once these things go intelligent, we’re all screwed.

Oh well. Let’s enjoy ourselves while it lasts.

via Reddit