Killzone 3 to be "first" full-3D FPS

According to the latest issue of GamePro, Killzone 3 will be fully in 3D, at least if you have the hertz for it. Props to them for taking the bull by the horns; let’s hope it’s less of a sham than that last Killzone media frenzy. I’ve heard it said that games are the only worthwhile application for 3D — that’s a statement that I don’t agree with, but perhaps Killzone 3 may be a good example of just how good 3D can be.

An FPS is a natural match for 3D, but I really wonder, given how many people have gotten motion sickness and so on from 3D cinema, whether it might be too much at first. I know people who get sick playing racing games — some people are simply susceptible to it. It’ll be an interesting litmus test. The game will also be playable in non-3D for those of you who don’t have the ‘spensive TVs it takes to make the magic happen.

Also, I want to take issue with their claim of being the first full-3D FPS. Have they already forgotten Faceball 2000 for the Virtual Boy?