Late Mate for BlackBerry screws with your clock to make you more punctual

I run late. Always. The last time I remember being not-late, it’s because I thought the event started 30 minutes earlier than it actually did. I ended up only being 15 minutes early.

If you’re a late person (or if you’ve seen that one episode of I love Lucy), you’ve probably heard of the trick where you set your clock forward X number of minutes, thereby theoretically ensuring that you’re out the door X number of minutes earlier. The problem: you know what the value of X is and, after about a day, you’ll start compensating for it.

Late Mate for BlackBerry makes sure you never know what X is.

The idea is pretty simple: Late Mate changes your BlackBerry’s system clock, automatically and on a regular basis, by anywhere from 0-10 minutes. You never know just how many minutes ahead your clock is — or if it’s even ahead. You’ve just gotta do what it says.

From here on out: if you’re a BlackBerry owner and late to one of our meetings, expect me to be furious. I’ll probably flip a table. Unless I’m late too.

Late Mate for BlackBerry launches in the App World next week for $2.99.

Update: It’s now available on the BlackBerry AppWorld here.