Back to square one: Android 2.1-powered Motorola Flipout spotted again

I’ve still got no idea what the appeal of a square phone is. I’m not a big fan of the “Lets make it a weird form factor because we can!” mentality than Motorola has been dabbling with since the Backflip. But hey, whatever floats their boat — as long as it’s floating their sales numbers, too.

Rants aside, it looks like the oh-so-stout Motorola Flipout we spotted earlier this week is about as real as they come.

Brazillian blog Zumo caught the Flipout (which they say is codenamed “Ruth”) floating around in a carrier slide presentation that was leaked to them. The slide confirmed some of the specs we’d heard previously (WiFI, GPS, microSD slot) and the June release date we’d seen previously.

So what do you think: if this thing comes stateside, are you ready to be square?