That's right, yet another iPad clone

In case you’re having trouble keeping up with all these iPad wannabes, here are a few others we’ve written about: Antom N450, Meizu, AK7801. There’s nothing particularly interesting about this device, except maybe the fact that this tablet pc actually called Tablet PC.

The device has 7-inch touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution and is enclosed in a rather unattractive metal shell. It’s ARM11 processor operates at 800Mhz with 2GB of flash memory and 128mb of RAM. The Tablet PC sports a mini USB plug, SD card slot, as well as headphone and microphone inputs. The operating system is Windows CE 6.0 which the manufacturers *gasp* might actually be paying $7 to license. It’s probably because Android is still too new for them. The tablet will be available in June for just $120.