Hawaii to get Nissan Leaf early (because they're eco-friendly there (and it's an island))

Nissan has decided that Hawaii will be in the first wave of Leaf-enabled states. They say (truthfully, I think) that it’s because of Hawaii’s commitment to green power and all that. Yes, very good. Lots of solar. But, as Treehugger notes, Hawaii is also a rather small island where the range limits of the Leaf won’t really be apparent during the critical launch period. It’d be like if they launched in Rhode Island and said “Okay, now don’t take it past the border.”

Well, even if that’s true, it’s not really worth making fun of. It’s just a smart decision — the growing pains of an electric infrastructure are best contained in a small area, and Hawaii is really ideal for it for a number of reasons. Man, I really want one of these things… and at around $25k it’s not even that expensive.

[via Treehugger]