iCitizen 2010: Dinosaurs in your phone?

While I was recently attending the iCitizen 2010 Symposium, Noora Guldemond, Head of Marketing at Metaio—a company focused on developing Augmented Reality experiences—showed me a few recent AR examples her company developed. This Jurasic Park example curiously doesn’t have the usual black and white “target” that I normally recall seeing in many AR demos. In fact, Noora indicated that is called Natural Feature Tracking and is one of their differentiators.

While it may seem like somewhat of a novelty, it’s important to remember that a lot of advertising relies on, well, novelty. What I mean is novelty doesn’t necessarily diminish the value of this concept and I think we can all see where this kind of technology is headed with regard advertising and beyond.

The technology uses APIs associated with the company’s Junaio AR browser, something we first reported on back in November. There have been some updates to the software since that time.

Plus, IT’S A DINOSAUR ON YOUR PHONE! What’s not to like!?

No doubt, there are many examples of this technology out there. What are the best examples of this kind of technology you’ve seen lately? Let us know.