Verizon makes BlackBerry Tour Push-to-talk "free for life" for anyone who acts quick

Almost exactly one month ago, Verizon added Push-to-talk support to the BlackBerry Tour! Hurray! Unfortunately, it cost $5 extra a month. Un-hurray.

It looks like Verizon might be having a bit of trouble getting people to sign up — or, at least, they want to kickstart the number of people using it. They just dropped the price down to an always-welcome amount: free. But you’ve gotta act (somewhat) fast.

In an e-mail sent to Tour owners today, Verizon says that they’re making Push-to-talk “Free for life” (in other words, as long as you keep up your contract) for all BlackBerry Tour owners that add the option by June 30th. So what happens after that? Will Verizon have a big enough Tour push-to-talk users in place to be able to sell the feature to newcomers, or will they just keep it free? It’s anyone’s guess at this point — but if I was a Tour owner, I wouldn’t risk waiting to find out.

[Via CrackBerry]