The robot doctor will see you now

It’s a brave new world of health and technology, coming together to keep you as healthy as modern medicine allows. The Senate Committee on Aging was witness to a show-and-tell of sorts last week, getting a first-hand look at some of the hi-tech innovations that promise to annoy people who cringe at the idea of universal healthcare. Because keeping people healthy is pure, pure evil, apparently.

It all sounds a little like Blade Runner. Laptops with built-in blood pressure monitors, a device that can automatically pump out the appropriate amount of insulin without having to consult a doctor (keeping the good doctor free to check on more complicated issues), little alarms worn on your person that would call 911 if something bad happened to you (like you’ve slipped on ice), and so on.

Then there’s the benefits of giving doctors access to electronic medial records, delivered to and fro’ in the blink of an eye thanks to broadband.

It’s the future~!