Rumours of a 3D Motorola Handset Rise From Below

3D is coming. FOR YOU!3D is pretty hot right now. There’s the movies, the TVs, the games, the handhelds, and, well, why not the mobile phones?

Photos of a rumoured 3D phone by Motorola surfaced today, and while the screen on the device looks 2D on my monitor, there is reason to believe that the screen is, in fact, a 3D thingo.

At first glance, the flip-up screen on the device seems nothing more than a silly screen protector, but a recent patent application from Motorola for a 3D screen that relies on a secondary overlay gives a much more interesting purpose to this unusual form factor.

With devices like this hitting the market, I guess this is just a taste of things to come: 3D-mania will certainly be hanging around for some time, it seems.

For more photos of, and info on, this mystery device, head on over to Android and Me.