Videos: WePad's interface moves oh so smoothly

This is the final version of the WePad, and it’s currently earmarked for a July release. We’ll see, of course. Anyhow, the device was shown off to the press in Germany earlier today, and several videos demonstrating the interface are now online for our viewing pleasure. It does look mighty slick, but you wonder if that’s enough to take on Cupertino’s “magical and revolutionary” device.

The home screen is filled with all sorts of widgets—not sure what the WePad name for “widget” is, I’m afraid—and you can clearly see how speedy the device is. Not bad for a for a first-gen device!

It’s based on Linux, so, at the very least, we know there’s a solid base in there.

The videos’ narration is in German, but that shouldn’t stop you from viewing nonetheless.

Again, the WePad certainly looks neat, but now we need some specifics, like, I don’t know, an official release date and price.