Next-gen iPad said to have OLED screen (deja vu, anyone?)

The Apple rumor mill is back up and running its dirty tricks again. This time we hear that the iPad is supposed to get an OLED screen just like we heard in the past MacBook Pros and iPhpnes were going to get the better screens. So being burned at least twice before, we’re a little hesitant to take this report seriously.


Apple reportedly has started development of the second generation iPad using the same design concept as for the iPhone 4G, and will use an OLED panel, according to sources in the component industry. Apple is said to be aiming to launch the device in 2011, but a Digitimes Research senior analyst said the cost of OLED panels are much too high for the iPad .

We’re inclined to agree with the senior analyst. No one has complained about the first-gen iPad screen so Apple will likely opt to spend its budget on bigger flash memory chips and extras like a camera. Still, no one argue that an OLED-equipped iPad would be sweet. The only thing that would be better is an iPad with an USB port and SD card slot.