HP plans wrist-mounted e-ink display for space marines

First, a trivia question: how many of you remember Super Force? Because that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture. Even more, this Starcrafty Korean concept soldiers. Moving on, though… remember that wrist-mounted device HP showed off in its “let’s do amazing” ads a little while back? Turns out they were showing an old model: the plan now is to have nice big e-ink displays strapped to the wrists of soldiers — space marines to be precise, if the illustration is any indication.

Current wrist displays, inflexible and powered by heavy batteries, are really no good for today’s soldier, overburdened as he is with packbots, newfangled rifles, and portable bunkers. So HP wants to make theirs light, solar-powered, and printable.

What, that LG thing wasn’t cool enough for them?