WeaKnees now selling a 2TB and 4TB TiVo Premiere

Just in case the 1TB drive in the TiVo Premiere isn’t big enough for you, WeaKnees is now selling two upgraded models with a bit more storage capacity. The TiVo authorized reseller has a 2TB and 4TB Premiere available for $849 and $1,149, respectively. That’s a lot of recording storage, boys and girls, and currently the only way to get a larger drive in the Premiere.

So far we haven’t heard of anyone else cracking the Premiere and installing their own larger hard drive. All it took in the previous TiVo generation was pulling the hard drive, plugging it into a PC along with the additional hard drive, and running a quick little program to allow the TiVo access to the second drive. Hopefully the hack for the Premiere is similar, but unless you have the skills needed to figure it out, your only route to a larger TiVo is through WeaKnees.

This isn’t WeaKnees first go at TiVo hacking and reselling. The company has been doing it since 2000 and TiVo’s lifetime service contract is available on all their models. Of course the TiVo warranty doesn’t apply, but the company has a great track record with its own service department and offers its own warranty.

Mr. Dave Zatz contacted the company and got this great pic of the company’s workspace. He also scored a 5% off coupon code that applies to modded and standard TiVo purchases.