HTC Incredible Revealed on Verizon Staging Site, To Be Called "Droid Incredible"

Droid Incredible
This is about as firm a leak as you can get: the HTC Incredible has been revealed on a Verizon staging site.

Sadly, no further specs or pricing was revealed, but the April 29th launch date that we talked about earlier is mentioned, as is the new branding for the device: The “Droid Incredible”. Not the greatest of names, no, but I’ll give the marketers extra points for consistency.

The site (found here) was revealed by AndroidForums member Zulucap, and since the initial discovery, the site has changed to reveal the updated device name and release date, so who knows what else may spring up on the site in the future?

Update: They’ve locked the page down! Looks like that definitely wasn’t supposed to be found yet.