SOUND MUG: Sony's tumbler-shaped speaker for your car or home (video)

You can’t use this device as a tumbler and I’m not even sure it makes sense functionality-wise, but Sony Japan announced [JP] the SOUND MUG yesterday, a speaker that’s shaped like a tumbler. To be more exact, the portable device is being marketed by Sony as a dock speaker specifically designed for their Walkmans.

Buyers also get a cigarette lighter socket (12V) so they can use the SOUND MUG in the car as well (see picture above). The 16W speaker can also be controlled with a mini remote Sony will throw into the package. The dock weighs 540g and stands 216mm tall.

The SOUND MUG will be available in orange or black when it hits Japanese stores on April 24 (price: $220). No word from Sony yet regarding a release outside Japan.

Here’s Sony Japan’s promo video:

Via AV Watch [JP]