Pen and finger interface on a Surface looks extremely Courier-like

Hmm. What does this remind me of? Oh, that’s right, the Courier. The ability to use both finger and pen on the Courier concept seems like it would benefit from these UI elements — and probably is. I doubt the two projects could be working on ideas so complementary and not be aware of each other. Or could they? Whatever the case, it looks pretty cool. When I talk about touch-based interfaces, I think of stuff like that little pull-out toolbar and natural gestures like holding something down with one hand and tapping it with another — not the multi-touch-for-baby of the iPad/iPhone interface.

This is why I continue to be excited for the Courier despite having no indication that it’s ever going to actually come out. These things seem to work fine on the Surface as well, but when am I going to ever have one of those in my apartment?

[via WMPowerUser]