iChat coming to iPhone OS 4.0?

Hey now now, what’s this? On top of the previously discovered references to front-facing cameras and iChat within the iPad SDK, evidence is now appearing that suggests iChat — likely with video conferencing — will make its way to iPhone OS 4.0.

Screenshots over at TUAW show that iChatAgent — a background process in OS X that’s responsible for keeping iChat happy — is running as a service on iPhone OS 4.0. Now, iChat doesn’t necessarily mean video chat, but with support for video conferencing likely on future revisions of the iPad, it isn’t too big a stretch of the imagination to have it on the next iPhone, too.

A front-facing camera is an oft-requested feature for the iPhone, and with Android devices becoming more powerful and more prolific (hello, EVO 4G!), expect Apple to do all it can to show up the competition with some hot hardware this Summer.