HTC Incredible gets rendered, looks incredible

We can’t say for sure whether this is an actual leak or the work of an overly talented individual with just the right amount of time on their hands. Either way, the above render is the most gloriously high resolution look at the Verizon-bound HTC Incredible Android wunderphone that we’ve been blessed with so far.

I got to see this thing in person for an oh-so-fleeting moment a few weeks back, under a “Look with your eyes, not with your hands (or your camera), before I put this back in my pocket and pretend I never had it out” agreement. From what I recall, this render is more or less spot on. The only discrepancy I’m spotting: the model I saw had a ring around the optical trackpad, similar to the ones found on the HTC Desire and Nexus One. If the final Incredible ends up not having that same ring, I’d be pretty surprised.

[Via AndroidAndMe]