Stuart Hughes' Privé Phone Proves Money Can't Buy Taste

Shiny Is your StarTAC looking run down? Does it not draw the attention that it once did? Clearly, it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t let the technology of recent decades cloud your judgement when choosing your new phone. Think–and I mean seriously think–about the time when talking on a mobile phone was at its most impressive. That’s right, I mean all the way back to 1983. What better way to truly impress your board-room buddies than with a literal homage to the golden era of telecommunication?

Do not be fooled by the exterior: while clearly based on the Motorola DynaTAC8000X of yore, the 22ct gold, diamond-encrusted exterior houses all the modern marvels you would expect from a phone released in 2010. That’s right, according to the website, it supports not only WAP and Text SMS, but also a COLOR SCREEN. My how the last 27 years of progress have just flown by!

Only 10 of these “Privé” phones will be created by designer Stuart Hughes, and at £139,995 ($212,400), I guess that kinda makes sense.

[Via Gizmodo]